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"Tooth sensitivity: Triggers, causes and treatment"

"Tooth sensitivity: Triggers, causes  and treatment"

Tooth sensitivity na when person get uncomfortable or shock sensation from the teeth when the teeth they exposed to high temperature. E fit just be say na one tooth, many and even all the teeth.
Some conditions when they trigger this sensitivity na:
- Hot or cold food and drinks
- Cool air
- Fruits with high acidic content
- Sweetened foods
- Brushing or rinsing the mouth.
Nerves when they conduct sensations of pain and temperature change they plenty for the second layer of the teeth. The outer layer (Enamel) they protect and e they help regulate sensations but when this layer don wear down and second layer go they exposed, and you go begin start to experience shock-like sensation when fit progress to pain if you nor treat am . 
Some people they more open to sensitive teeth pass others because of the thinner outer layer of their tooth (Enamel), and e fit affect people of any age.
Causes of Tooth Sensitivity
- Use of too much force while them they brush
E they important make you nor apply too much pressure for your teeth when you they brush because this one fit gradually commot the outer layer of your teeth and expose the nerve , and em go cause sensitivity.
- Frequent intake of acidic meals and drinks
Acid from soda and food when contain refined sugar fit dissolve the outer layer and also e fit serve as fuel for bacteria to produce more acid. This one go come cause more harm to your teeth.
- Cracking hard substances like bones
Even though say the outer layer na hard substance, if you continue to crack hard substances like bone and ice cubes e go gradually wear am down.
- Opening corks of drinks using the teeth
.Your teeth nor be bottle-opener and you nor suppose they use am to open bottle .
- Brushing with a hard toothbrush
E they advisable to use brush when nor they too soft, so that e go fit remove dirty and food debris. Avoid toothbrush when they too hard as e fit damage the outer layer of your teeth and your gum.
- Grinding your teeth
Grinding of your teeth especially for night, even tho say for most cases person nor they plan do am but e they gradually wear down the outer layer for the chewing surfaces.
- Some medical conditions
Some medical conditions fit cause the stomach acid to they returned to the mouth, that one go dissolve the outer layer with time.
Treatment for Hypersensitive Teeth
Thankfully, several treatment options they available for sensitive teeth. Na dentist they do examination of your teeth , na em go clean am and touch them with em dental equipment. 

Em go even do more investigations before e go fit tell you wetin they do you. The treatment options na:

1. Use toothpaste when contain desensitising agents when they prevent irritation for the nerve of the tooth e go block the pores. E they usually recommended for mild cases and the toothpaste they specifically for sensitive teeth.

2. Use mouth wash when they alcohol-free. These types of oral rinse nor too they irritate the teeth and e nor go trigger sensitivity.

3. They brush small small with soft brushes.
Professional Treatment sef they 
4. Apply fluoride gel or desensitizers when go protect and strengthen your teeth

5. Restoration of broken-down teeth with tooth restoration materials

6. Consult specialists for treatment of any condition when they cause acid reflux. Mouthguards fit also they used to prevent your teeth make grinding nor damage am. 
If you go like use your teeth for long time, you must stop all these harmful practices when fit damage them and begin to practise good oral hygiene to keep them healthy.