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Everyone was back in the club on a Friday night to de-stress after a week of arduous work; then suddenly, we heard a loud noise, like a smash of beer bottle on the floor. John had fallen down again, seizing uncontrollably with serious muscle jerks in his arms and legs. We managed to rush him to the nearby hospital where the convulsions were arrested, putting John to a deep sleep.

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Stomach Cancer: Risk Factors, Symptoms, and Treatment

Joe was swiping through his Facebook timeline and saw something that caught his attention. The image was of a woman who looked chronically ill and severely thin with a huge tummy, asking for financial help to get rid of her stomach cancer. Joe was filled with so much sorrow; he called the number up and sought information for ways he could help the lady.

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What is Meningitis?

Freddie had just returned from the hospital. He looked so worried and exhausted. His daughter had been admitted at the hospital the day before for meningitis. He was lost when the doctor first mentioned the diagnosis; series of questions followed. What is it? Will it kill my daughter? Can it spread to her siblings? It was indeed a hard time for him and his wife.

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