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"Psychosomatism: Physical symptoms caused by the mind (Pidgin)"

"Psychosomatism: Physical symptoms caused by the  mind (Pidgin)"


One lady her name na Labake been they get continuous terrible headaches. Her heart go begin start race out of nowhere and she go they experiences terrible chest pains. 
She they convinced say she get chronic disorder like maybe hypertension or another heart disease. 
But her doctor says her symptoms they psychosomatic, wetin that one even mean?

The word psychosomatic them get am from combination of two words: psyche (mean mind) and soma (mean body). Psychosomatism they happen when person experience physical symptoms when nor they caused by any basic medical issues. 

Experts don argue say most diseases na psychosomatic because the symptoms of physical illnesses fit they worsened by mental stress and disorders like anxiety. 

The symptoms they real? 
Psychosomatic symptoms fit look like fake or imaginary but them nor they real .
These symptoms fit they severe enough to make the person when they suffer am go seek medical help. 

But, them nor they get the help them need because they believe say their symptoms they caused by physical diseases. 
Medical tests go show no basic cause so them go get to deal with the pain. 
On the other hand, mental health factors like anxiety fit also make physical illnesses like hypertension and stomach ulcer worse. 

Wetin be the common psychosomatic symptoms you fit experience? 

Understanding the common signs and symptoms to look out for fit make a world of difference for you. 
E go ensure say you nor suffer anyhow and go make you get early and accurate diagnosis. 
Some of these symptoms include: 
● Headaches and migraines 
● Dizziness 
● Fatigue 
● Digestive issues like diarrhoea, indigestion and ulcers 
● Hypertension and increased heart rate 
● Fatigue 
● Sleep disorders such as insomnia 
● Respiratory problems such as shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 
● Skin rash 

Abeg make we note say if you get these symptoms nor mean you get psychosomatism but these symptoms they typically occur for psychosomatic disorders. 
In addition to these symptoms, you fit also they irritated and angry because no body go understand you or take your symptoms seriously. 
You fit also find am difficult to juggle these symptoms alongside work or school.