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Ovarian cancer (Pidgin)

Ovarian cancer (Pidgin)

Wetin be ovarian cancer? 
This na when uncontrolled multiplication of abnormal cells they the ovary, e go come form tumor. The tumour get the potential to spread, invade and destroy healthy body tissues. 

How e take they show? 
Most women no they get symptom for early stage of the disease. 
Symptoms : 
• Poor appetite 
• Belle full quick 
• Feeling of gas in tummy (bloated) 
• Pain for belle 
• Constipation or diarrhoea 
• Bleeding from vagina 
• Unintentional weight loss 
• Back pain 
• Heart burn 
• quick they tire 
• Shortness of breath 

What they cause ovarian cancer? 
Ovarian cancer fit happen for any woman with ovary but e they more common for women when don they menopause, mostly age of 50 and above. 

Risk they higher as age they increase. But some factors fit increase the chances of say person get ovarian cancer. Them include: 
• Genetics: faulty gene don they linked to ovarian cancer. If you Inherit this gene or you get history of person with ovarian cancer for your family e go increase the risk of say you develop the disease. 

• Family or personal history of breast cancer or bowel cancer 
• History of radiotherapy for previous cancer 
• Smoking 
• Overweight 
• History of early onset of period and later onset of menopause (over 55 years). 
• If you never been belle before. 
• Taking hormone replacement therapy 
• Endometriosis: A condition where the tissue in the lining of the uterus (womb) is found in other sites.