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" Hospice: What it is and what it isn't (Pidgin)"

" Hospice: What it is and what it isn't  (Pidgin)"

Hospice: What be Hospice and Wetin nor be Hospice

Hospice care na specialized, high-quality care when them they provide near the end of person life. Hospice care maintains life but e they also accept death as the final stage of life. 
The key focus na to provide people when they terminally-ill compassion, comfort, dignity, support, and level of control over their lives as them they prepare for death.
Hospice care nor be common part of health talk, even doctors they always they careful if them wan introduce the option to patients and their families.
Some things when you really suppose know about hospice.

Na care program towards the end of life
Hospice na typically for people when them don predict say them get short period of time like months instead of years. Some times , hospice care go they recommended if them don looks say the person get six months or less to live. 

For some countries, hospice care they covered by health insurance policies and life insurance policies.

Hospices they focus on full care of the person instead of the healing care. The aim nor be to treat or to improve health conditions but to ensure say the person they comfortable even with the sickness. 

Usually, care they revolve around comfort, improving quality of life, and to reduce chronic pain. For example ,them nor go admit cancer patient for radiation or chemotherapy treatment but them go give them painkillers to reduce pain.
Them they also provide services when they cover other aspects of living like occupational therapy, grief counselling, social work, and spiritual services. Because of this, typical hospice team they get doctors, nurses, therapists, counsellors, social workers, religious personnel, and volunteers.
Na flexible form of care
Hospice care nor they limited to hospice centers. Them fit provide am for the person house, for care home, and as out-patient service (the person go they visit the hospice). 

In fact, practitioners they refer to hospice care say na style of care instead of specific location of practice.
Hospices they more concerned with providing individualized care.
Wetin nor be Hospice. 

Hospice nor be final care facility: Admission to hospice nor mean say life must end after six months. People fit enjoy hospice benefits pass six months if their health remains stable. The hospice doctor go they regularly access the health of the patient and them fit come decide say them wan extend patient stay.

For some cases, them fit even discharged person . If the doctor access say the person health don improve over time or the person decide say e wan seek more healing treatment, them go discharge am. 

 This one nor be sign say you don give up on life
Say you go for hospice care nor mean you don give up on life, instead e show say you don chose to live life as comfortably as possible until the end. 
Sometimes, people go tire to take constant medications with no improvements or believe say them don live good life and them nor want any further desperate attempts to cure illness when fit nor get cure . Hospice care they provide way to live fully on their own terms.
Hospice care na good care option for people when they terminally ill, but e fit be sensitive decision to make. Remember say the person na em get final say about the kind of care then want to receive. For any point in time, e they alright to withdraw from hospice care and receive more specific treatment.