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"Five Common Myths about Pregnancy You’ve Believed as Facts (Pidgin)"

"Five Common Myths about Pregnancy  You’ve Believed as Facts (Pidgin)"

Five common Myths about pregnancy wen you believe say be facts . 

Congratulations, you get belle , and after some months, your newborn baby go come to give you joy. But, during pregnancy, e dey normal if you find yourself say you dey consume plenty of information — mostly unverified claims — about your health and the health of your baby. 

But the truth be say many of the dos and don’ts dey based on old wives’ tales . We wan help you sieve the facts from the myths so you go dey empowered 
with the right information.  

Myth 1: You fit Predict the Sex of the Baby 
No, you nor fit .  
Many blogs and even “health professionals” dey wen dey tell you say some signs dey wen go suggest say na boy and others dey too wen go suggest say na girl you dey carry.

For example ; your friends or old woman wen don born before fit tell you say dem dey know wen woman dey carry girl for her belle if she get serious morning sickness or say the woman fit dey carry boy for belle if she get big appetite during pregnancy, but dese statements nor be true.  

Some cultures dey even suggest say the pikin sex fit dey predicted if dem just look the shape of pregnant woman face or belle, or how her wedding ring dey rotate when she suspend am from string. 
None of dese methods be accurate predictors of pikin sex.  

If you wan know your baby sex, go do ultrasound scan when you don pass 20 weeks. Make you nor go do baby shower on dem say dem say . 

Myth 2: Exercise During Pregnancy go Hurt your Baby 
You go don hear people wen dem dey say exercise during pregnancy fit harm your baby. Even though say the statement na out of genuine concern for your health and your baby health dem dey take talk am e nor be true .  

Exercising during pregnancy dey good and important for the health and wellbeing of you and your baby. While exercises dey help to relax your muscles and reduce the sore muscles and joints during pregnancy, e dey also help to avoid make dem nor increase. 
Doctors dey recommend up to 20 minutes of moderate exercise four to five times a week; high-impact exercises like horseback riding na big NO during pregnancy.

Myth 3: Sex During Pregnancy fit Hurt Your Baby 

 No, e nor fit . 
Sex  nor get any harmful effect on healthy pregnancy; if you get complication-free pregnancy, you fit still enjoy as much sex as you want. 
The baby dey well protected within the amniotic sac and the cervix go remain closed until labor, so fear nor dey of any complications wen go start from sex.  

People wen dey spread this myth dem dey say sex during pregnancy fit increase risk of say you get preterm labor and miscarriage, but no scientific evidence to support am. But, for rare cases, when you dey experience vaginal bleeding or your water break early, your doctor go advise against sex.  

If you get some pregnancy complications, placental problems, ask your doctor before you begin have sex.  

Myth 4: Morning Sickness dey Only happen in the Morning 

Well, we blame the scientists wen name am “morning sickness” but you fit experience these symptoms any time of the day. 
Pregnant women fit experience nausea, vomiting, even throughout the day.  

The name “morning sickness” probably came about because if you get empty stomach, like when you wake up for morning, e fit increase the symptoms. 

Morning sickness dey usually start by the fourth week of pregnancy and go stop by the 16th week.   

Myth 5: if you eat some foods e fit cause allergies for the newborn 
Allergies nor dey transmitted through the womb.  
Pregnant women fit eat all the foods people dey associate with allergies,like nuts and milk, as long as dem demself nor dey allergic to the food . 

Your baby go definitely nor get allergies from the food wen you eat. But, you fit need to avoid other foods for different reasons. 
For example , avoid shark, king mackerel, and swordfish for their high mercury content, cos e dey toxic for both the pregnant woman and the growing fetus.  

Pregnancy fit dey exhausting and fun at the same time. While you dey surf the internet for plenty of information about your pregnancy and your growing baby, ensure that you sieve the myths from the facts and na only the right information you take away . 

Nor be only say myths go mislead you, but dem fit also make you make wrong decisions for yourself and your unborn pikin .