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Eye health: Common eye signs not to miss (Pidgin)

Eye health: Common eye signs not to miss (Pidgin)


The eyes na very important pair of organs for the body some pple dey describe am as the window to the soul. And na the window wen we take dey interact with the world. 

The eyes nor dey only serve as the organ wen we take dey see; na also organ of balance through visual input. The eye dey help us see by light detection, night vision, focus and depth perception. 

The eyes dey very sensitive with some harmful events wen dey capable to damage dem. Na wetin bring us come the importance of safe guarding the eyes from childhood to adulthood. 

Some signs wen dey suggest say something dey go wrong with the eyes include:  

“Cat Eye Reflex” During childhood, many conditions fit dey present with striking features and if we recognize the features e fit be lifesaving. A good example na the “cat’s eye reflex,” dem dey also call am white pupil reflex, na type of cancer of the eye. This reflex dey happen wen the affected pupil (the black of the eye) shine brightly white in light instead of the normal red reflection.  

White Speck for the Eye: Another sign include the white speck for the eye, wen fit signify cataracts and e fit dey devastating if dem nor properly manage am. This na because during development of children, the eyes dey develop by input from the external environment and if any obstruction dey to the input from external environment, the eyes go fail to develop properly, and e go lead to the development of “the lazy eye”.  

Refractive Error: During adolescence and adulthood, signs like itching, watering and squinting na common signs of refractive errors (e.g. long and short sightedness). Others signs na wen you siddon close to the television or you bend your head to one side. The pikin go need corrective glasses to repair the error.  

Painful Red eyes: Signs like red eyes, swollen eye lids and eye pain fit be signs of infectious process wen dey go on for the eyes. This one need hospital attention as soon as possible cos some damage fit dey irreversible.  

Painful or Painless Eyes with Blurred Vision: If eye pain dey come with change for vision like blurred vision, narrowed vision, to dey see rings, floaters, to dey see flashes of light or sudden painful or painless loss of vision, e fit suggest more serious eye conditions, like glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment, etc. Other eye signs include night blindness, dry eye, headaches and eye discharge.  

Glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic eye disease na dem remain the commonest cause of eye signs among adult population.  

These signs dey potentially weaken conditions, but quick management go make sure say the eye signs nor dey progress more than e suppose progress . To identify am require vigilance and swift action. 

Vision loss for children and adults fit dey devastating and fit result to significant disease and loss of man power for economic development. This na why the eyes suppose dey protected at all cost.