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Lowering your Risk of COVID-19

Lowering your Risk of COVID-19

The world has been dealing with COVID-19 for nearly two years now; the media is filledCOVID-19 headlines and all the brouhaha it come with. But one thing we all already know is that the disease is killing many, and infecting even more 

So the question we all have been asking is: how do we reduce our risk of catching this infection?  


How does COVID-19 spread? 

If we are to reduce our risk of COVID-19, we must have a working understanding of how the virus spreads. COVID-19 spread through droplets that project out of our nose and mouth when we sneeze or cough. To reduce your risk of COVID-19, you must bear in mind that this is a virus which is much smaller than a bacterium extremely tiny.    When you come in contact with these droplets, either directly via exposure to an infected person when they cough or sneeze, or indirectly by touching surfaces where the droplets settle on, you could get infected with the virus as well.  


Understanding how the virus is transmitted, therefore, is crucial to knowing the right steps to lower your risk of it.  

Maintain a safe distance 

Maintaining a safe distance is invaluable to reducing your risk of COVID-19. Without delving into the politics of the difference between social distancing and physical distancing, it is safe to simply call it a safe distance. Keep an arms-length away from people while speaking to prevent droplets projecting from their mouth or nose from coming in contact with your body.  


Wearing a Mask 

Again, whether you wear surgical mask, a medical mask, or any type of mask, the most important thing is that you wear a mask. Also, don't be bothered about the changing nomenclature from face mask to nose mask-- again the most important thing is that your mask should cover your mouth and nose. 

Remember also that it doesn't stand to reason to wear a mask while walking alone on the street only to remove the mask in a social setting or when you want to converse with your friend. The risk is greater when talking with your friend or when you are in a large social gathering, so to reduce your risk, wear a face mask and don’t take it off when discussing with your friends!  

Wash your hands 

Irrespective of the COVID-19 pandemic, the simple hygienic practice of washing your hands regularly cannot be overlooked-- practice it could save your life and the life of your loved ones. Washing your hands ensure you rid it of any contaminants that may harbor the virus. 

Get a Vaccine 

Getting a COVID-19 vaccine or any other vaccine gives no guarantee of not catching the disease. It only reduces your risk of a severe disease. Get vaccinated and reduce your risk of COVID-19. 


Take-home message: COVID-19 is here with us. Vaccination and simple hygiene measures are integral to lowering your risk!