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Low Sex Drive in Men: Common Causes

Low Sex Drive in Men:  Common Causes

Hey Tunde, how's married life? Sorry Segun, you're my closest friend, it's rough, very rough. I thought I could handle this, but I was wrong! Tell me about it..... 

Sex is a huge part of every relationship; it deepens intimacy between spouses and further fortifies the emotional bond between them. However, many people suffer from a low sex drive in their relationships, and this could tear many homes apart if not dealt with the right way.

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But first thing is to identify the cause of low sex drive in men to tackle it effectively. 

Causes and treatments of low sex drive in men

Reducing levels of testosterone: Experts say that men in their 20s to 30s have sex around twice a week with a dip to an average of once per week as men approach their middle age. This decline can at times be attributed to reducing levels of testosterone-- the male sex hormone. 

In some cases, reduced testosterone levels are responsible for low sex drive. There are some medical conditions and even medications that can reduce your blood testosterone levels, reducing sex drive consequently.

Stress: Stress takes down your health including your sexual health. Stress revs up your body’s “flight and fight” reflexes and boosts your stress hormone levels, which could reduce your desire for sex. And stress could take any form: emotional, physical, and mental. 

Inadequate sleep: Sleep deprivation also deprives you of your sex drive. If you can recall well, you would find that the long nights you had meeting deadlines and completing assignments did not also come with a high sex drive.  This is because sleep deprivation impairs many brain functions, including sex drive. 

Nutrient deficiencies: Poor intake of vitamins and minerals will definitely affect your sex drive down the line. If all you take are heavy carbs and fat and deprive yourself of those B-vitamins and minerals in fruits, veggies, and seeds, you may wind down with some form of sexual dysfunction later on. 

Physical inactivity: Physical inactivity deals a heavy blow on our health in more ways than one. Physical inactivity slows your blood circulation and impairs your heart function, both of which are essential components of sexual function.  Furthermore, the more sedentary your lifestyle, the more unhealthy weight you accumulate, and this could both impair erection and mess up your sex hormones. 

Drug and alcohol abuse: Forget the myth about alcohol and sex drive. Alcohol reduces the control of your brain over your actions--disinhibition. So, you are more likely to do things you'll later regret! The truth is that alcohol even inhibits the connection between your brain and genitals, hence, even less perception of the sensations in sex. 

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Another myth that's been busted is that illicit drugs act as aphrodisiacs increase sex drive-- a big lie. Experts have shown through research that illicit drugs actually reduce your sex drive and that even people who once enjoyed sex can lose interest in sex as a result of drug/substance abuse. So, again, keep off drugs-- that's the treatment you need!

Medications: Watch those medications; read the labels!

Are you taking any of these classes of medication?

Antidepressants-- medications used to treat depression could reduce your sex drive

Anticonvulsants: medications for the treatment of epilepsy can surprise your sex drive

Anti-anxiety medications: anti-anxiety or the so-called anxiolytic medications can reduce you sex drive.

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Diabetes: Diabetes affects every part of your body, including your sexual function. Diabetes impairs sexual function by damaging the nerves that coordinate sexual sensations and the blood vessels that provide blood flow to the sexual organs. Overtime, these dysfunctions lower your desire for sex.


Depression depresses everything, including sexual drive. A depressed man loathes everything including sex. This takes down your sex drive. Unfortunately, even the medications for treating depression can also adversely affect your sex drive! Seek medical therapy to get rid of depression and see your sex drive soar!

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Bottom line: Identifying the cause of low sex drive is the first step in treating it. Treatment could range from simple lifestyle changes to more clinical approaches including testosterone injections and drugs that boost sexual drive. We shall discuss the available treatment options in subsequent articles.