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Bones and Joints Problems from sitting too Much

Bones and Joints Problems from sitting too Much

Sitting for too long kills! According to medical experts, sitting too much/sedentary lifestyle is responsible, at least partly, for obesity and dozens of chronic conditions and diseases—joint problems are just part of the unhealthy lot! While sitting down seems to be the natural thing to do, science has found that sitting down all the time it’s actually harming yourself. 


What happens when you sit too much? 

Sitting down for long hours means that your body is using less energy than it consumes. So if you eat three times a day, for example, and sit in your office typing or writing away for much of the day, you would have used way less energy than if you were up and about. If this goes on for a long time, this energy mismatch may increase your risks of so many diseases, including obesity and diabetes.  


How does sitting too much affect your joints? 

Strain on your pelvis: Sitting places a strain on your pelvic bone by making it to rotate backwards and, in so doing, place your back bone under undue pressure. So, anytime you’re tempted to sit for too long, get up, and save your pelvis! 

Strain on your joints and shoulders: You might also be surprised to know that as sitting forces your head forward, you also force your shoulders forced into a curved position to compensate for the posture imbalance—all contributing to the stress on your joints. 

Shortened muscles: This might be the greatest shocker, but when you sit for too long your muscles actually get shorter! shortened muscles means tight muscles and these are going to place greater strain on your joints. So, here is another reason to get moving other than sitting on a spot for hours on end. 

Prolonged static loading: Sitting too much places your joints under prolonged static loading and, according to experts in ergonomics, prolonged, static loading of the tissues around your joints places the tissues around the low back under pressure. The pain and stiffness from surrounding muscles and joints is just a way of your body telling to get up and go! Be active! 

Arthritis: The inactivity that comes with sitting for too long increases your weight, and increases the strain on your joints. If you keep this up for years, the bones and joints begin to wear off, causing arthritis.  

How can you increase your activity and reduce joint problems? 

But I’m at work! Yes, we know that, that’s why we suggest that you: 

  1. Add activity to your work using simple phone apps that can calculate your activity and give you feedbacks
  2. Take walking breaks from your work desk 
  3. Dance while performing home chores 
  4. Move while standing in line-- get some activity! 
  5. Park the car and walk to and from the grocery store 
  6. Fidget with your feet while stuck to that long report on the computer! 
  7. Perform that activity while standing  
  8. Observe breaks during those long board meetings--this prolongs your life to run the company! 
  9. Be your own messenger now and again—in you seat all day while the help enjoys all the activity, including changing TV channels. You can guess who might live longer! 



Take-home message: Rest is good but sitting too much kills! Get up, get moving, get walking, get living, stay alive because sitting too much kills!