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Strengthening your immunity in post-COVID times

Strengthening your immunity in post-COVID times

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared an end to the coronavirus pandemic on May 5, 2023, after three hard years of the global nightmare. Regardless of your personal beliefs about the pandemic, you likely learned a thing or two about viruses and the body’s immunity as everyone scrambled for information in a bid to make sense of the situation.

The immune system is important to fight diseases, but messages on how to achieve and maintain a good immune status are often confusing. This confusion was worsened by misinformation that widely circulated at the peak of the COVID pandemic.

The cunning nature of viruses 

There are thousands of viruses that can infect humans, and they can only be seen with the aid of a microscope. Viruses can only survive within living organisms. They multiply in their host and cause different diseases. Since viruses take advantage of low immunity to thrive, their survival depends on your cooperation. Don’t give them a chance!

Beware of how you can get infected by viruses

  • Droplets: When a person coughs or sneezes, particles, known as respiratory droplets, are produced. Anyone close enough can come into contact with these infected droplets and become sick. This is the reason for the popular campaign that called for people to mask up. 
  • Touch: People can also get infected if they touch their faces (eyes, nose, or mouth) with hands contaminated with the virus. Many people learned the importance of regular handwashing during the pandemic, and for the first time, people who had never disinfected the surfaces at home learned a new habit.
  • Direct contact: Some viruses spread through direct contact with infected body secretions or surfaces.


The immune system is made up of cells that defend the body against infections. These are the soldiers of the body, and when they are weak or overpowered, a person more easily succumbs to infections and severe forms of the diseases they cause.

But the pandemic is over; why are we still talking about COVID-19 and immunity?

You’re probably tired of hearing and talking about the coronavirus, but it has now been established that the virus has come to stay. COVID-19 could not be eradicated from our planet, and there are now several mutated strains. This means cases of COVID-19 will continue to occur into the foreseeable future. 

While we are now living in what is sometimes described as the post-pandemic era and deaths from COVI9-19 have dropped worldwide, mutated strains of the virus can still cause severe illness, particularly in persons with poor immunity. 

It is important to keep your immunity strong to improve your resistance to infections, including COVID, and speed up your recovery should you get infected. 

Perhaps you are one of the people who took the COVID-19 vaccine, or you may belong to the group of people who deliberately avoided it. There is another group of people who wanted the vaccine but lacked access.  We now know that it is possible to get infected despite being vaccinated. However, the vaccine generally reduced the severity of illness and is credited with saving numerous lives. Certain categories of people have been encouraged to get booster doses because the effectiveness of the vaccine declines over time.

Supplements may help, but they are not the all-in-all

 You probably love your ginger, cloves, and green tea. Trust me, I do too. The pandemic also introduced a lot of people to the use of these products. There are natural immune enhancers that may be effective. It is advisable to read up on these products before use. Also familiarize yourself with the ingredients used and make sure you take only products that are approved by regulatory authorities, such as NAFDAC. 

People who are at a higher risk of getting infected or having a more severe illness must ensure their immunity is not further compromised. Obesity and lifestyle habits like smoking, poor sleep, an unhealthy diet, and substance use predispose to low immunity.

What else can you do to keep your immune system healthy and young?

Whether you are a vaccine enthusiast or not, an option available to you is to ensure your body is naturally fortified to fight off any infection. You can do this by sticking to the basics of a healthy diet, adequate rest, and exercise. These will provide your body with tools to keep your immune system “young”. 

Keeping your immune system young is more important as you grow older. This is because getting old not only comes with external signs such as greying of the hair, but there is also invisible aging of the immune system. If you are living with a chronic disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, and lung disease, make sure you receive proper care for them. Poorly treated chronic diseases are major contributors to poor immunity.

In this post-pandemic era, we must not forget the importance of a healthy immune system. A strong immune system will not only protect you against viral illnesses, such as COVID-19, it also offers protection against bacterial and fungal infections. Remember to only use immune boosting products and supplements that have been scientifically tested and approved by regulatory authorities.


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