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Helping Girls Develop a Healthy Body Image (How we Fit Epp Small Girls Love Their Body) Na wetin dey reign for area children dey learn pass as them dey grow but mama and papa get power over pikin pass outsiders . The painful thing be say many mama and papa no even know say them get this power talkless of make them sabi use the power . As mama na so so grumble the pikin they hear you grumble about your body how you want make she take like her own body ?? But if the mama don accept her body the way God give am the pikin sef go accept her own body and outsider no go fit come tell her to change one thing for her body.

Antigua & Deps Na from wen the pikin small him mama and papa get chance to teach the pikin good good habit . If you don reach the pikin how to dey chop better better food when the body need and how to dey do exercise every time e go help the pikin get good body .

Umm Qaşr See ehn small girls need make their papa dey around or senior brother wen she go dey look up to and make e fit hold dem with strong hand e go help them build self confidence and if them don dey believe dia sef them go fit get correct body and them go dey okay with the body wen them get.

Make I no lie give una nothing like perfect body o all na packaging. Na y small small girls need people wen go fit help them understand say fine women fit fat or thin she fit black or yellow according to the one wen you inherit from your mama and papa .

This girls need who go show them road to make them know say if dem try to change body wen God give them e fit cause kasala o and e go affect them body and mind .

We need to teach all this small small girls say make them dey their lane o and na from small pikin we need teach them to accept and like them body . Na small small we go dey teach them bcos we no need rush the matter .

Some of these girls no go still hear word no matter how many times we talk na wetin dem see for tv , instagram,Facebook Twitter them dey make dem wan change how their skin be or how their body be .

The kind role models our girls need na the ones wen go show them say not until them change the color of their skin before them go fit get better life . Our girls need know say social media life and real life no be the same thing .

So you as mama or sister or that big aunty wen some smallie for street they look up to you need to dey careful around the smallie she dey look up to you and anything wen you do around her fit help or destroy her future . You go need explain to her say e get different nutrients wen dey follow the different type skin come and she try to change the color of her skin she go commot the God given nutrients.

Our smallie need understand say to get correct body na stage by stage and to get healthy body you go ready to accept your body the way e be no dey do follow follow for wetin dey television or social media. She go also need to understand say all this celebrities and models wen she dey see for tv no be their real life be that o . If she see them Korokoro she go see say them sef no Dey perfect . The Koko be say make she focus on her life achieve wetin she wan achieve for life do things wen go make you live long and healthy life. For her to fit know all this thing she need correct role model and good example wen she fit follow footstep . So you wen dey listen to me today na your duty to help any smallie wen you know achieve healthy body image .