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Stomach Ulcer (Belle Sore)

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MO don show with another ogbonge gist from CUTICA Health.
If your belle dey so so pepper you, and belle pain join, plus belle dey carry you to vomit, e mean say u don get sore for belle (or Ulcer as oyibo people dey call am).
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Belle Sore
We go tori about Sore wen people dey get for belle and na bacteria or over use of some kind medicine like aspirin or ibuprofen dey cause am . Some of the signs na

  • belle pain
    -belle go dey hot
  • the person go dey bej anyhow
  • belle go dey carry the person to vomit
  • the person shit go black
  • e go weak like dodo .
    This sore for belle so dey serious and e need better treatment.

Make I tell una about one man e name na Yakubu. Yakubu body been dey kampe e dey play football every weekend the only medicine e dey take na for body pain .
One day e tell him wife say e belle don dey so so hot for the past one month and to add join am e come vomit blood that morning. Na so the wife say alele make e go see doctor.

The truth be say for the past one month Yakubu body get as e be .him belle go dey hot and e dey so so dey bej anyhow. To chop sef no dey hungry am again bcos anytime wen e chop or drink anything e belle go dey pain am. E don even dey lean sef one dey e notice say him shit black one kain but e feel say na something wen e chop cause am . After e don vomit something wen look like blood Yakubu come start to dey worry .

All this signs wen Yakubu dey get na very serious matter and na the sign wen dey common pass for Stomach Ulcer and e need to treat am fast fast.

buy Pregabalin canada Types of Stomach Ulcer
After Yakubu tell doctor how him body dey do am the doctor don know say na this sore for belle wen dem dey call Stomach Ulcer dey worry Yakubu.
Doctor come begin explain give Yakubu say him don get Stomach Ulcer meaning say the wall wen dey protect him belle don damage so e don get sore for the belle. E come still tell am say na the acid wen belle dey get normally na him dey burn the sore wen dey make belle dey hot am .

The doctor come make am understand say na 2 type of stomach Ulcer dey and the one wen e explain give am so na Gastric Ulcer them dey call am . The other one na Duodenal Ulcer and this kind ulcer na if the sore don dey the intestine area .

As doctor no fit just look person tell am the type of ulcer wen e get doctor come tell Yakubu say them go need do test .

westerly Diagnosing stomach Ulcer
Doctor say make Yakubu go do blood test and stool (shit ) test so that them go dey sure of the kian Ulcer Yakubu get so e go fit give am better treatment.

E get another way wen them fit take know the kind ulcer person get this one the doctor go need put tiny tube inside the person belle from him mouth e go fit see weda sore dey the belle . Another way to take know if na ulcer be say doctor go give the person one chemical wen dem dey call Barium drink so that the doctor go fit look the person belle for Xray.

Yakubu test result come show e true true get sore for belle. The result make Yakubu confuse well well e no know how e take get this kind sickness .

Ballwin Causes of stomach ulcer and myths about the causes

For us to fit answer Yakubu question we go to know wetin they cause this sore for belle .
One thing wen fit make person get sore for belle na bacteria infection. This yamayama thing so fit don enter your belle from your mouth tey tey n now e don turn to sore for there .

Another thing wen fit make person get sore for belle na over use of medicine like aspirin, ibuprofen or other pain killers . Plenty people dey buy different kind pain killer drink but them no know say if e don too much for body e fot cause Stomach Ulcer.

If you don already get this sore for belle e dey advisable say make you run leave food wen get too much pepper and make you stop to dey drink ogogoro .

Wetin go come happen to Yakubu now and other people wen get this Stomach Ulcer ?
My people the good news be say if them go hospital for treatment and them do everything wen doctor say make them do as doctor talk am them body go stand gidigba back to as e dey before .

The kain way to take treat am go depend on wetin cause the sore for belle . For Yakubu case the test wen e do show say na bacteria infection cause him own sore . To cure am , doctor go give Yakubu antibiotics wen go kill the bacteria n if the bacteria don die e no fit come back again. Doctor still give am medicine wen no go allow him belle to dey bring plenty stomach acid this medicine so them dey call them PPI .

The thing wen dey important na to follow your doctor talk . E get many things wen go fit help you wen your doctor go tell you apart from medicine . Make sure say you ask your doctor questions well well and put ear down for anything wen e tell you .

Yakubu get luck the drugs quick work for him body and e don dey well . Within two weeks him body don dey strong . But if e no quick go hospital plenty things for spoil . Sometimes you fit get this kind signs but d real sickness wen dey worry you serious pass ulcer so make we dey always go hospital for check up .

My people na beg I dey beg una o if e get as belle dey do you or you get any of the signs wen I don talk about today no sidon dey look dey wait say e go reduce . Waka do see your doctor make you for fit get the correct treatment your body need .