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Cancer: Why and How you go check

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Cancer na one disease wey dey kill people well well all over the world and na if you see am on time and come treat am, na im you go get higher chance to dey alive. Cancer no be matter wey anybody wan talk of. You must gather body to take ask your doctor plenty questions make you know as the matter be.

Cancer common well well.

•1 out of 5 men and 1 out of 6 women dey get cancer during their life

•1out of 8 men and 1 out of 11 women dey die because of cancer

•The story no dey end well for people wey get cancer for Africa because to get treatment hard. Na to check body on time whether cancer dey na im be the key.

Wetin be Cancer Screening

This na the way wey person go use take check weda anything dey body wey fit lead to cancer before any sign even show. Dem dey do this check for cancer wey common pass.

Breast Cancer screening

The people wey sabi say make women wey be 50 years and above dey do checkup, even sef if person for your family don get cancer before, you go begin check from when you reach  40years old. The kin test wey you fit do go depend on wetin dey your area.

The main type of test for breast cancer na wetin oyibo dey call mammography and clinical breast examination.

• mammography dey use x-ray to take picture of the breast to see weda anything dey inside wey resemble cancer

•Clinical breast examination na im doctor or nurse go do. Dem fit do am alone or with mammography.

Another thing dey wey dem dey call breast self-examination. For this ine, na the woman go dey check her breasts by herself. She fit be the first person wey go see wetin be like seed for her breast. If you feel anything as you dey check,  run go hospital kia kia make doctor check you.

Cervical cancer Screening

If you be woman between 21 and 65 years, make you talk to your doctor about which cervical screening test dey correct for you. After woman reach 65 years, e no need to do screening again if the former tests wey she do dey alright.

Cervical cancer dey affect woman womb and na one of the most common cancer wey dey affect women for our part of Africa. E dey take up to 3 -7 years for cancer to form completely so if you quick see am for body, solution fit dey.

Two main types of screening tests dey:

•Pap smear

•Human Papilloma  Virus (HPV) test

HPV na im dey cause cervical cancer so person need to take HPV vaccine to prevent this disease.

Prostate Cancer Screening

The prostate gland na part of man reproductive organ.

Plenty things dey wey dem dey use take know whether time don reach for person to do this screening.  For Nigeria and other parts of West Africa,  man wey don reach 40years and above na im suppose do this screening . Even though say na this cancer  na im common pass among men, the number of people wey dey do am no plenty.  The reason be say dem no even know say this kin thing dey exist plus our community programs no dey work well.

How dem take dey check for prostate cancer

•Dem go do blood test to measure wetin oyibo dey call prostate-specific antigen (PSA). If e high pass as e suppose, e mean say problem dey.

• Another thing wey doctor dey do join the PSA na physical examination wey dem dey call digital rectal examination (DRE) to take check the size of the prostate gland.

Colon cancer screening

Colon cancer na cancer of the large intestine and e dey common but plenty people no know about am and dem no dey do checkup for am. If person don reach 50 years, e suppose do check up colon cancer and if you hear say person for your family don get am before, u go start to check for am before you reach 50 sef.

Different ways dey to screen for colon cancer

•To check if blood wey person eye no fit see dey inside im shit.

•Another test wey dem dey call sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy dey to look inside the intestine.

•Dem also dey use x-ray take check. The name na double contrast barium enema.

The Koko

Cancer na something wey everybody dey fear but if person do check to take see am quick and take treatment, e go fit survive am. The thing wey better pass na say, some cancers dey preventable. If you no live yamayama life and you dey do regular check up for cancer, tomorrow go better.