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The year 2020, wey our health gats be 20 over 20 (20/20) don finally land. We suppose dey happy to dey alive and well. Abi no be so? Even sef, na normal thing to get high hopes, as 20 over 20 mean say person sabi. Abi who no wan get correct score like 20 over 20 for test? As you dey always do every year, you go don arrange new test and plans in the name of dat thing wey oyinbo dey call New Year Resolutions.

If you be like many people, you go don sabi say all dis new year resolutions and promise say person go improve no dey last. Before one-quarter of the year finish, e go don burst like balloon. Some resolutions no dey even enter middle of January, you fit ask people wey wan stop to dey smoke or those ones wey wan slim down. But, another solution dey? For CUTICA Health, we advise say make person dey use wetin we call Personal Growth Plan. Dis one go cover your health, how you dey take spend money, your work, the way you dey reason family, how you dey take rapport with people, or any other area where you want make e change for better. Personal Growth Plans, as we dey call am, na confirm, realistic plans wey simple, dey easy to check, and wey person fit observe for im daily living. Dis adjustments dem to way of life na wetin dem don approve say e dey help improve health wella.

You go dey ask where dis thing take concern CUTICA Health? Throughout 2020, we go be your padi for health based on our experience for medicine, flenjo and faaji. CUTICA Health go dey update you with health information wey go make person get correct 20 over 20 health score for dis new decade. Make we start now!

Food/Diet: Even though no be today we dey talk am, we want make you sabi say better food dey important to better health. If person want make im body collect better nutrient from food, e gats dey concerned about im food by making sure say food class for plate balance, about chopping better snacks like fruits and vegetables, and avoid all dis high sugar snacks and drinks. For adults, better diet mean say person suppose chop at least five portions of fruits and vegetables and person suppose reduce the consumption for fat to like one-quarter, while for high sugar to like 1/10 of im total food allowance everyday. Sometimes, e good to reduce the salt wey person dey chop for food.

Exercise: As you fit imagine, exercise go push your health score up! E dey increase body and mental health. Old people wey never nack 65years fit dey do exercise wey no too hard for like two hours, thirty minutes every week. Person fit share am by doing thirty minutes of dis level of exercise up to five times in a week. Exercise wey no too hard fit be say person go walk systematically fast, or make the person ride bicycle, or make e dey jog, or dance, or even do skipping with rope. We no support sharp change within short time for system wey person dey take do exercise. E dey more easier if person dey do dis exercises as im dey mind im daily activities and business. Person fit set alarm during work to stretch body, or walk systematically fast during lunch break, or take public transport sometimes and park motor far from where person dey go so im go do small waka. Old people wey don pass 65years too need to dey active by doing exercise.

Sleep: Shey you sabi say people wey dey sleep well no dey easily get infection, heart problem, overthinking and memory palava? Good sleep dey refresh body and e dey help person immunity stand gidigba, so make you dey find time to sleep dis year. Plan say you go sleep for like 7-9hours every night and you go see say you go dey work and function well for day. You don hear when you still small say e good to dey wash hands and brush teeth everyday. Dem dey call am personal hygiene. Dis 2020 na time to practise sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene contain habits and practices wey dey make person maintain good sleep. The habits include make person no too dey look phone, laptop and TV after e don enter bed. Sleeping at the same time every night, avoiding things like coffee, tea, or ogogoro when you wan sleep, follow join wetin make up sleep hygiene.

Health check: If your close family member don get medical condition like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, eye partial blindness, or if you don pass 30 years, e go dey wise to see doctor for 2020 to check and confirm say you no get family disease. No fear about wetin dem fit discover because the best na make dem discover am early before water pass garri wey e go become hard to cure and even costly. You fit visit your teeth doctor too to check your teeth dis year. Nobody go like spend too much money for teeth problem wey im fit prevent if im dey visit doctor sometimes.

No lose guard: If dem don already tell you say you get medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, you just need to stay healthy. No lose guard. Follow advice wey doctor give you and prepare yourself on how to solve future health problems. No dey skip medication wey health worker give you and no dey forget your appointments with doctor. Believe say you fit dey healthy even if you get any medical condition, as organisation wey dey in charge of world health don yarn us say health no be only when disease or sickness no present for body, but na state of complete physical and mental wellness, including how we take dey relate with fellow humans.

No carry last: You need to dey read and sabi more about your health. Add am to your Personal Growth Plan for dis year. Visit our website regularly to enjoy correct health information, and share our website with your family and friends. You fit add us for social media too. We, from CUTICA Health, wish you a successful 2020!

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