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If you go toilet come see say you dey shit blood or you come clean body and you see blood, dem no need to tell you say yawa don gas o. if this kin thing happen the first time, fear must catch person and e go come dey think of weda na blood be this true true or wetin go fit cause this kin thing? This thing na im  oyibo dey call ‘rectal bleeding’ and e fit be sign say anoda wahala dey shele.  That na why e dey important make person find wetin dey cause am.

Rectal bleeding fit happen if person shit strong. Na this thing happen to Kola, a 20 year old university student, wey no like to drink water.  Na normal tin for am to dey shit strong shit every week. Today na, blood com follow am come out  and im dey serious pains. Even to siddon sef don turn to wahala.

Well, e dey possible say Kola get pile (wey Yoruba dey call Jedi-jedi) or im anus (yansh) tear.  Pile n aim oyibo dey call “haemorrhoids and if person yansh tear inside, dem dey call am ‘anal fissure’. These tins fit happen if person no dey go toilet regularly and if e need to dey press hard wen e wan shit. If person get pile, the yansh fit dey scratch am or e go dey pain am or blood fit dey comot sef.  If the anus tear, that one dey pain well well. Some of the solutions to this wahala na to increase water and vegetables wey person dey take, siddon for warm water for 15-20 minutes 2-3times a day and to dey chop food like pap(akamu, ogi) wey go make the shit soft. When you go hospital, doctor fit tell you other medicine wey cream wey you go use.

Sometimes, blood for shit fit join other sickness like water-water shit, belle pain or hot body. All these ones fit be sign say infection dey body. As these things fit be sign of different problem, person suppose warka fast fast go hospital make e know wetin dey cause am. This wan better pass than to drink native medicine or to go chemist go buy medicine.

What if person see blood but no get pain, water-water shit, hot body or any other thing? Even though haemorroids fit cause this one, other bad bad things like cancer also dey give sign like this. The koko be say if you see blood for your shit and you no get any pain, warka kia kia go hospital go do test to check yourself.

Make I nack you one tori about Zainab. She be 52-years and she get big business. One time wey she travel go buy goods, she come see say blood dey her shit. Fear come catch am and she begin dey check am every day to see weda blood dey inside again. She say “ make I just dey look, if this tin happen again before I go go find Dr. Kuti”. After 6 weeks, she come see blood again but she no get any pain, na im she say “Thank God ooo. E better pass the first time”. Zainab come kukuma forget the matter and no come dey look her shit again. Two years later, yawa come gas sotay na every week she come dey shit blood. She come rush go see Dr. Kuti and by this time, water don pass garri. Doctor tell am say she get cancer of the intestine . If to say she come that first time, them for fit solve the problem kpatakpata.

No forget say no be every time blood for shit dey red. Sometimes, the blood fit make the shit black, like coaltar, if nafrom  up up the blood dey come, like from inside stomach. Some medicine like iron tablets wey pregnant women dey take fit make shit black too.

You fit need to see doctor for the matter. You know say some doctors na baba for any matter wey concern intestine? Them dey call dem ‘gastroenterologists’ and dem dey work follow other family doctors to take care of this kin matter. Some other doctors wey dem dey call ‘colorectal surgeons’ n aim dem dey call if person need operation and even to do some tests to take check inside the body. Na your doctor go tell you weda you go need to see these ogas for the matter.

As e be say ‘prevention dey better than cure’, you must take care of your intestines make all this yamayama sickness no enter. You go dey do simple things like eating food wey get high-fibre content like vegetables , make sure say you dey drink plenty water and dey do exercise regularly. If you see say, you need to use force take go toilet, abeg check yourself. Last last, if you don pass 50 years or person for your family don get cancer of the intestine before, go meet your doctor so that e go check you.

The Koko

If you dey do the things wey go make your intestine healthy and you no dey let your shit strong, the chance say you go get any of these wahala way we don see today go dey reduced. Even though simple things dey to help you incase of pile or tear for yansh,  if you see blood at all, no take am as small thing. For everything to dey okay at the end, person must find wetin dey cause the bleeding and receive treatment for am.