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Madam Ngozi body dey hot, and she no get strength. Her nose don block, she never get beta sleep for the last three weeks, because she dey busy as a tailor and work plenty for her hand, as he dey be for end of d year period. Her smallest pikin na 6 years old, d boy just dey recover from bad cold. He don dey chop wella and play very well. How Madam Ngozi dey feel for body now na exactly how her son sickness take start, but becos say she no wan disappoint her customers, she continue her work. D pharmacy wey dey her area where she dey buy antibiotics don close. So she go meet her friend, Madam Sadia who dey always keep antibiotics for house. Her friend give am 4 capsul of one type of antibiotics and another 3 capsul of another type of antibiotics. Madam Ngozi begin take dis antibiotics, she no sabi say she fit injure herself and add more wahala antibiotic abuse and antibiotic failure.


Antibiotic na strong medicine wey dem dey use treat bacteria infection. Before dem discover antibiotics, many dey suffer from bacteria, as a result people dey die, unlike today wey we dey cure am easily with right antibiotics. But no b every infection antibiotics dey work for, some infection wey d cause na virus, and wey dey cause sickness like cold and catarrh no dey respond to antibiotics. Virus fit cause other sickness like lung problem, ear infection, eye infection, but people dey confuse am with bacteria infection.

Overuse or abuse of anti-biotics as Madam Ngozi and Madam Sadia take do, na world problem, but e worse for countries where dem fit buy antibiotics without doctor advice. E fit happen say person wey abuse antibiotics feel better after taking d medicine, but no b d antibiotics help am, instead na d body immunity do d work. D best way to help body immunity na to rest well, chop well, and drink enough water. Na wetin Madam Ngozi suppose do.

Farmers and doctors of animals too dey abuse antibiotics when dem apply am for their pet and farm animals.


If person abuse antibiotics, e fit get negative reaction or effect like watery shit, body craw craw, or make person dey vomit or dey feel like say im wan vomit. If person come continue to dey abuse antibiotics, d watery shit wey dey make person run enter toilet every minute fit worse. Dis na becos d antibiotics don destabilize the good bacteria wey dey for intestine.

As people dey abuse antibiotics, more people dey suffer d consequence becos d abuse of one person dey spoil d power of d antibiotics for plenty people. E fit worse wey b say bacteria wey antibiotics don lose power to cure go come spread and cause big disease. And na part of wetin dey make some people stay long for hospital, spend big money for treatment and even make some die. For places where antibiotics abuse common, plenty antibiotics go lose power to fight bacteria, and everybody fit suffer am. D way dis thing dey operate still dey surprise you? E clear like daylight, infact, specialist dem don warn us well on the matter, even yarn say na major cause of poor health for people around d world. Dem also talk say more problem go dey if everybody from different part of d world no join hands to stop antibiotics abuse


Madam Ngozi or Madam Sadia dey live inside all of us. Nobody like to dey sick, especially if work and responsibilities dey ground. Antibiotics fit b like quick solution to some sickness, but d problem dey usually plenty pass d advantage. Na true say antibiotics dey work well for some sickness, d koko na make person no overuse or abuse am.

Some better steps to take na,

  1. Make person ask health workers or doctor before e take antibiotics:  Many infections like common cold no need antibiotics, so make una stop d habit to dey enter pharmacy anyhow to buy antibiotics. If doctor or health worker talk say make person no use antibiotics, no beg or force am to allow you use am. E fit b say d health challenge just need close monitoring. Dem go allow you use antibiotics later if dem reason say you need am because situation don change
  2. No dey dash out antibiotics wey you use remain: No need to dey store antibiotics for house. Remember say e fit expire make you no know. Also, antibiotics dey lose power to fight bacteria if person no complete im dose of antibiotics. Make person dey complete im antibiotics dose all d time, unless negative reaction for body show say e need to stop am.
  3. Avoid unnecessary use for pets and farm animals: Na public health issue say farmers dey give antibiotics to poultry and other farm animals because dem wan make profit. E common for countries wey get big and standard industries. Dis abuse for animals fit later affect humans through different ways, like when person chop infected raw food or vegetable, when d shit of animal touch person body, or even when person play with animals without washing hands. We need to make people sabi and understand all dis things, so we go reduce d negative effect of antibiotics abuse for animals and also reduce how e dey spread to people.
  4. Hand washing: This na one of d practises wey dey help guide people from getting different kinds of infection. Still, people no too dey observe am. Even dem health workers dey do am less dan half the time wey dem suppose dey wash their hands. Make we go back to Madam Ngozi matter. You feel say if she dey wash her hand well, she for no contact dat cold virus from her son? D answer na yes, tho e no mean say washing of hands dey prevent disease all d time. Virus fit enter body through other means. For example, if person breath in air wey don contaminate.


Antibiotic na strong medicine wey dem develop to fight bacteria infection, but person no suppose use am without medical advise. Antibiotics abuse dey common and e dey make plenty antibiotics lose power to fight bacteria. If one antibiotic don fail to dey work on bacteria, dat antibiotics and d family of dat antibiotic go fail to dey work. To dey use antibiotics for wrong reason na like say person see fly for im finger come carry hammer talk say e wan kill d fly on top im finger.