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Short-term Pleasure Linked to a Happier, Healthier Life

Poços de Caldas Most health advice has always recommended strict lifestyle and dietary changes to lead a healthier life. These may include improved sleep, restricted carb diet, and lots of exercises. A team of researchers say just sitting on a couch watching a drama series also does as much as improve an individual’s health and quality of life.

Coral Springs The researchers say, hedonism, or short-term pleasure, should also be emphasized as important for our overall health. Using questionnaires, the researchers evaluated how people engaged in short-term pleasurable activities and how much attention they placed on these activities. The study team found that people who engaged in more short-term enjoyable activity like walking a dog or just relaxing on the porch had a higher level of well-being. As a result, the study team concluded that hedonistic and long-term goals are not opposite, but complementary in achieving optimal health and wellbeing.

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