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How Much Oxygen Does the Brain Consume?

The brain is one of the most hard-working organs in the body, saddled with the responsibility of maintaining consciousness and regulating almost all processes in the body. But the question scientists have always pondered about is how much energy the brain consumes for all that work and how much oxygen it uses to generate this energy.

The brain, like all organs in the body – generate energy through metabolic processes that use oxygen to burn nutrients. For the first time, two neurobiologists have provided an estimate of the amount of energy the brain and nerve cell consume per time.

The scientists concluded, from the experiment, that nerve cells consume 50 percent of the oxygen supplied to the brain, and the other brain cells that are not directly involved in transmission of brain signals, called the glial cells, consumed the other 50 percent. However, the greater the nerve activity, the more oxygen nerve cells would consume.

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