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Spice up Your Day: New and Diverse Experiences Make you Happier

New research has found that engaging in new and diverse experiences could make you happier and improve your sense of wellbeing. The results of this finding shed more light into how our emotional health is closely tied to our daily experiences and physical environment.

The study team reached this conclusion by conducting GPS tracking of participants in Miami and New York for three to four months. The respondents were asked to report about their daily positive and negative emotional state during this period. The results showed that people had more positive remarks about their emotional state on days they had more variability in their physical locations. They reported these states as “happy”, “strong,” “excited,” or “relaxed.”

The scientists went further to determine if these results had a connection with brain activity. They did this by asking the respondents to undergo MRI scans on certain days during the period. The results were revealing. The MRI results showed heightened brain activity in regions of the brains associated with novelty and reward on days people had more diverse experiences.

This study shows how the brain lights up when we have more diverse and newer experiences in our daily lives, and how this can indeed improve our wellbeing. So, go ahead and spice up your day!

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