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How Sperms Fertilize Eggs

buy generic Pregabalin online Sperms mature in a man’s reproductive organ, are released during ejaculation into the woman’s genital organs, and migrate into the fallopian tube, where fertilization takes place. But how do these events occur? An international team of scientists has started to shed light on this by identifying a protein called NELL2.

Bhongīr NELL2 is secreted by the testes and travels to the part of the male reproductive tract where sperms are stored after they are released, the epididymis. This protein literally turns on the maturation process of sperms, getting them ready for fertilization. The study team found, also, that if this molecule is not functioning well or is deficient, it may lead to male infertility. These findings could help scientists create new ways to diagnose and treat male infertility. Read more here –