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Your Baby Gets the Best from Breast Milk When You Exercise During Pregnancy

Chiquinquirá You may be wondering how these two events are linked? Well, a new study has found that moderate exercise during pregnancy improves the amount of a compound in breast milk that keeps your baby healthy and lowers the risk of serious health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. 3SL – that’s the name of the compound found in breast milk that plays a key role in preventing chronic metabolic diseases in adulthood. The researchers found this link after studying over 150 pregnant and postpartum women, using activity trackers to measure how many steps they took per day. An earlier study in mice had established that mice born to and breastfed by sedentary mothers were at higher risk of developing health challenges. In the women, the researchers found that those who took more steps per day had high amounts of 3SL in their breast milk, a possible link between exercise during pregnancy & postpartum and the health of a child.

Ar Rumaythīyah The study authors noted that the amount of this substance is not tied to the intensity of the exercise as even women who did as much as brisk walk every day has high amounts of 3SL.

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