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Do Mothers Forget Things More Easily? “Mommy brain”, is the term often used to describe the belief that motherhood decreases attention span in women. A new study says this is just myth.

Venkatagiri The myth was debunked by anthropologists who found that mothers are not less attentive than non-mothers in a study in which they evaluated the effects of motherhood on memory, attention, and other psychological functions. The study included 60 mothers and 70 non-mothers who had delivered within the preceding year. The researchers used a seven-point scale to assess the participants’ responses to questions like, “how sleepy are you?” and “how attentive do you think you are?’. The participants also had a computer test where a cue box flashes for less than a second an image of five arrows pointing left or right, and the participants are asked to press a button that corresponds to the direction of only the middle arrow. The team found that moms did not have any significantly different attention than non-mothers, hence dismissing the “mommy brain” phenomenon as a cultural myth. Anyone who has observed a mother multi-tasking will agree with these researchers that mothers are super sharp with tip-top brains.

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