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Children with Difficult Relationships with Mothers Cling Toward Early Teachers

Siem Reap New study has shown that children who had disturbed relationships with their mothers end up being clingy toward their preschool teachers. Furthermore, the researchers found that such children were more prone to being withdrawn, shy, and anxious.

presumably The study reveals how pivotal emotional support from parents is to children’s mental health and how preschool teachers are in a crucial position to also provide that support. Children who face parental neglect or grow in violent or abusive relationships have their emotional development disrupted. Consequently, this internal emotional conflict causes them to hide themselves, reduce their self-esteem, and also increase their risk of psychological disorders including anxiety and depression. Preschool teachers, therefore, should be warm and supportive to preschoolers as this may help such children to reset their emotional trajectory and build healthy skills to cope with challenges at home. Read more here