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Optimistic People Sleep Better at Night

Want to live longer and happier? Try having an optimistic approach to life. This was the conclusion of a recent study evaluating the impact of mental disposition on wellbeing and health. The research team found that optimists live longer than pessimists and have a lower risk of chronic diseases.

The study team analyzed data from a 2017 online survey about sleep quality in more than 1,004 Austrian participants. The survey showed that sleep disorders or poor sleep quality was 70 percent lower among optimistic people than pessimists. They suggested that optimists may engage in healthier lifestyles such as exercise, eat a healthier diet, and smoke less.

The researchers found that the key to being optimistic is an intentional change on one’s worldview, choosing focus on the best possible outcome of one’s life. These helps the individual set realistic goals and make healthier life choices.

Read more here – https://www.meduniwien.ac.at/web/en/about-us/news/detailsite/2020/news-im-juli-2020/optimistic-people-sleep-better/