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The Small Changes Exercise Causes in the Body May Explain its Benefits

All the benefits of exercises have been established and are well known; from its effects on cardiovascular health, emotional health, and its effects on maintaining a healthy weight, exercises are one of the most useful lifestyle recommendations to curb many chronic diseases. But how does exercise lead to all these benefits?

A team of scientists tracked certain molecular markers of biological processes including glucose metabolism, immunity, and cardiovascular function to see how exercise changes these small details. Assessing these vital indices in 36 individuals, the team found that molecular markers of inflammation and tissue healing spiked sharply after a stressful exercise. The scientists also found that the body uses or metabolizes glucose differently during and after exercise.

Consequently, the researchers opine that these molecular changes can be used as markers or tests of a person’s fitness level. They hope that using these metrics, health professionals can tell what health risks one has and make personalized diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Read more here – https://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2020/05/stanford-medicine-study-details-molecular-effects-of-exercise.html