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Study Shows Dietary Restrictions May Not Guarantee Longer Healthier Life

http://upperstour.net/ While the common teaching is that dietary restriction slows aging and improves health, a new study conducted in fruit fly suggests that lifespan and overall health are not always linked to dietary restriction.

Krishnarājpet In this study, scientists found that 97 percent of the strains of fruit fly showed increased lifespan or improved health with dietary restriction, but only 50 percent of strains showed significant increase in both.  The researchers concluded that dietary restriction works but not in all cases to extend health span and lifespan. This may suggest that the differences in our bodies may affect how our bodies and health respond to dietary restrictions.

Gaeta Read more here – https://www.buckinstitute.org/news/eat-less-and-live-a-long-healthy-life-study-shows-not-in-all-cases/