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Strong Relationships Help Older Adults stay Physically Active

Chronic disease is the common in the aged and is the leading cause of death globally. These diseases, including stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attack, are often exacerbated by poor physical activity or an overall sedentary lifestyle. A new study has brought perspective to how we can promote physical activity in the elderly.

The study found that strong relationships are key to helping older adults stay physically active. The study found that this factor had the greatest association with meeting physical activity guidelines in this population. The study found that older adults with a strong social relationship – with their partners, spouses, or close friends – were more likely to maintain regular physical activity.

The results are helpful to reinforce the need for strong relationship to influence positive health behaviors, including physical activity, in the elderly.

Read more here – https://www.hawaii.edu/news/2020/05/13/relationships-promote-activity/