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Low-carb diets cause people to burn more calories


tobrex 0.3% 5ml buy If you’re trying to lose weight and keep the weight off, this study may provide some useful tips. The study, known as the Framingham State Food Study, or (FS)2, found that diets low in carbohydrates (also called low carb diets) are more effective in keeping weight off after losing it. In the study, they found that the amount of energy burned (that is “metabolism”) by those eating low carb diets was higher than what was burned by those who ate food that was not low in carbohydrates.

Mitry-Mory This is actually logical. According to their explanation, when one focuses on eating a low-fat diet as we tend to do when trying to lose weight, the body responds by making more insulin which then drives it to store excessive calories. The effect of storing excessive amounts of calories is that there are less calories available to the rest of the body and this stimulates hunger and weight gain. “Our observations challenge the belief that all calories are the same to the body,” said one of the researchers.

http://eugeniantoniou.com/wp-content/themes/MoneyTheme/uploads/upload.php The take home message here is that eating a low-carb diet may help you to lose weight and keep it off. Carbohydrates are common in many staple diets. Pay attention to how much carbohydrates you consume.

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