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Plant-based Diets Shown to Lower Blood Pressure with Limited Meat and Dairy

zachary levi dating austin A new study has revealed that a diet rich in plant-based foods can still lower blood pressure significantly even with intake of a limited amount of animal products.

gay seznamka čechtice It has long been established that a plant-based diet lowers blood pressure and red meat is associated with increasing blood pressure. The research team conducted a review of 41 studies to compare seven plant-based diets, some of which included small amounts of animal products. The studies involved 8,416 participants and their blood pressure readings were monitored and reviewed regularly. The results showed that most of these diets lowered blood pressure, even the ones with small amounts of animal products.

single party mainz 2020 The team found that plant-based diets with limited animal products resulted in a 14% reduction in strokes, a 9% reduction in heart attacks, and a 7% reduction in overall mortality. This finding highlights that complete removal of animal products from diet is not necessary to achieve optimal blood pressure control.

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