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Health Risks associated with Diabetes May Be Present before one Has the Condition

Diabetes is associated with a lot of health risks including heart attacks, strokes, and kidney damage. However, a new study shows that even before one develops full-blown diabetes, these health risks may be present.

Prediabetes, a precursor to diabetes in which one has higher than normal blood sugar levels but not enough to be classified as diabetes. Prediabetes is also called impaired glucose tolerance, where one’s body is slowly losing the ability to regulate sugar. A group of researchers have found that even prediabetes is associated with these health risks.

The study team analyzed studies involving over 10 million people who had prediabetes. They then compared the risk of deaths from cardiovascular disease in people with prediabetes to the risk in people with normal blood sugar levels. The studies showed that people with prediabetes, as defined by the American Diabetes Association or World Health Organization criteria, were at a much higher risk of developing and dying from cardiovascular disease than people with normal blood sugar levels.

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