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Scientists are Working on a Portable, Mobile MRI Machine

Nizwá The creation of the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) imaging has reshaped medical diagnostics, creating a frontier in evaluation of disease conditions in greater details than previous imaging techniques. MRI uses magnetic and radio waves to create images of different parts of the body. Using the MRI technique, health professionals can evaluate and diagnose a variety of conditions with greater clarity including tumors, brain injuries, torn ligaments, and spinal cord diseases. MRI machines are large, expensive devices that are typically stationed in hospital radiology units. Scientists are looking at changing this traditional location of the machine to make it more accessible in providing fast diagnostic recommendations.

tchatche gratuit son inscription Towards this goal, a group of researchers has recently launched a project to build new MRI technology to create lighter, cheaper, and more mobile MRI devices that could fit in a van – for context, MRI equipment currently in use are the size of a lorry.

Nidda These scientists will use technology that enables a weaker magnetic field than the one used in traditional MRI imaging. Although this may create lower image quality, it will still be invaluable for medical imaging and fast diagnosis in emergency situations and off-site locations.

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