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gay seznamka orlová Scientists at the University of Glasgow have found that small genetic material could be the reason why arteries stiffen, or age faster resulting in high blood pressure. If the genetic molecule could be found in a patient’s blood sample, then doctors could identify the early warnings of artery problems to treat promptly.

mujer busca hombre en baleira The researchers pointed out that a piece of genetic material called a micro-RNA-specifically known as miR-214 moves to the fatty tissue around the arteries. Once in this fatty tissue, the white blood cells known as T-cells cause inflammation; damaging and increasing the stiffness of the arteries’ structure. Dr. Luara Denby, a kidney researcher, had earlier discovered that miR-214 caused kidney scarring or fibrosis following injury.

Kandiāro Apart from diabetes, high blood pressure is a major cause of chronic kidney disease and kidney failure. Therefore, these research findings are important in understanding how high blood pressure may be prevented in the future. This can ultimately help in reducing kidney disease and preventing kidney failure. It is also hoped that this discovery could aid in the development of new treatments.

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