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SOUTH AFRICA’S RESPONSIBILITY ON THE UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL CONCERNING COVID -19 South Africa is Africa’s Union Chair and one of the three elected members of the UNSC. During these times of the COVID -19 pandemic, South Africa has the task in the responsibility of representing and advancing Africa’s interests in the UNSC. One of the challenges is to bridge the political gap between China and the U.S, which has divided and negatively impacted the council’s progress on the COVID -19 agenda. The partisan rift between the two nations is seen as a setback in the fight against the Coronavirus.

buy Pregabalin cheap Secondly, South Africa should direct on the best means of implementing the council’s working methods as of March 12. The council’s decision to work remotely has resulted in many scheduled briefings and debates taking place via video teleconferencing. These have raised questions on the ability of the council to work effectively since most of the subsidiary organs will be affected.

buy gabapentin 100mg uk Lastly, South Africa needs a strategy to place the continent’s COVID-19 concerns at the forefront and center on the UNSC’s agenda. A robust collective African response to peace and security during this pandemic should be the main focus. Here, South Africa needs a strategy to place the continent’s concerns at the front of the council’s agenda. Read original article: