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The Ministry of Health in Kenya plans on carrying out mass testing and has deployed 12000 testing kits to areas identified as high risk. The mass testing will prioritize highly populated areas (slums) and high-risk areas (for example, hospitals, quarantine, and isolation facility personnel).

These measures of mass testing come after a Twenty-nine-year-old lady contracted COVID-19 from contact with a colleague confirmed to have Coronavirus. She took the symptoms seriously only after they persisted, and her colleague had died of COVID-19. She reports that she went to the hospital then back to work after taking the Coronavirus test-before it came back positive days later.

Such cases have prompted the Ministry of Health in Kenya to initiate mass testing to the high-risk groups to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

The WHO previously expressed that African countries may be lacking supplies for vigorous testing, hence not getting the accurate numbers on the magnitude of the disease.

Kenya reports testing an average of 400 samples each day; however, on Tuesday this week, more than 800 samples were tested in 24 hours.

Currently, Coronavirus cases are in at least 21 of 47 counties in Kenya, with 225 confirmed cases and ten deaths recorded as of 15th April 2020.

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