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COVID -19: GUIDES ON HOW TO BE ACTIVE DURING LOCKDOWN. April 6th marked the United Nations International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, which was different this year due to the ongoing COVID -19 pandemic. As a result, the U.N, World Health Organization, and FIFA launched the #BeActive. People shared stories and tips on how to stay active and healthy in their homes during this coronavirus pandemic.

Porsa Mr. Maher Nasser, Director of Outreach Division at the United Nations Department of Global Communications, experienced curfews while growing up in the war-torn Palestine region. He understands the effects of a lockdown on one’s body and mind; as a result, he advises on running, moving around the house multiple times, or rope skipping. WHO also advises people to engage in a 30 minutes exercise per day to keep fit and healthy.

Raisio Physical activity has a significant impact on one’s mental health as well, and we are encouraged to create programs for physical activities while staying at home during this pandemic. Mr. Nasser indicated that this pandemic has shown that we are all at risk no matter the status of the geographical location, so it’s best to stay at home and engage in healthy physical activities.

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