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Invisible Barriers Prevent Cheating in Exams

Sawāi Mādhopur Classrooms often have cardboard or see-through partitions to prevent cheating; however, an international team of researchers have found that a pretend barrier that doesn’t exist at all can also do the trick.

privato incontri The researchers conducted four experiments with 350 children in China, aged 5 to 6 years old, and  demonstrated that just the idea of a barrier between a child taking a math test and the answer on the next table discouraged cheating. These pretend barriers lowered cheating from a baseline of about 50% to 20%.

Puerto Real The researchers concluded from these findings that people’s behavior and ideas about morality are rooted in how they think about space, supporting the “moral barrier hypothesis” that “moral violations can be inhibited by the introduction of spatial boundaries.” Read more here –