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WHO Calls for Zero Tobacco Use in Children and Young People

Bafatá The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a new kit for school students aged 13-17 to help them recognize the ways the tobacco industry lures them into using tobacco and other addictive products. The WHO is focusing this year’s World No Tobacco Day on protecting children and young people from health dangers of tobacco smoking.

generic 200mcg cytotec online The toolkit exposes tactics including concerts and parties organized by tobacco and alcohol producers to attract them to the use of these products. The toolkit also has a set of classroom activities in which the students play the role of the tobacco industry and examine ways the industry could lure them into using the dangerous products.

order Ivermectin over the counter The WHO further mentioned that even as the world battles with the coronavirus pandemic, the tobacco industry is still using these and newer tactics to promote its products among children and young people. The WHO called on all sectors involved including media, schools, and governments to stop the marketing tactics of the tobacco industry. Read more here –