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Video Game Addiction is a Real Disorder in Some Persons

på dejt färjestaden For many teenagers and adolescents, playing games is an enjoyable pastime engaged in at leisure or during the holidays. While video gaming may be fun, there has been growing concerns that it could be addictive with psychological and physical dependence on the activity. A recent 6-year study, which is the longest study ever done on the psychology of video gaming, found that about 90% of gamers do not play in such a way that it poses serious short-term or long-term health issues. However, a few actually do get addicted in such a way that it causes psychological, behavioral, and social dysfunctions.

cheap Pregabalin 150mg To investigate the impact of video gaming on individuals, the study team examined the trajectories of addictive video gaming over a 6-year period and found that 10% fall into what they termed pathological video gameplay, a condition characterized by excessive time spent playing video games, with difficulty stopping the activity that it causes significant health dysfunction.

Apomu The study revealed that those in this category displayed higher levels of aggression, depression, shyness, anxiety, and problematic cell phone use in adulthood. Essentially, this means that contrary to what many believe, video game addiction is real.

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