Adolescents and Young Adults

Being a Youth with Anxiety

purchase peptides Clomiphene review In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, African leaders – and the rest of the world – have set up strict measures, which although may mitigate the spread of the virus, but may also cause a new pandemic, indirectly related to the virus – a mental health pandemic.

cytotec over the counter The widespread social distancing measures, stay-at-home orders, and shut down of businesses are critical risk factors for anxiety, especially in young people. Panic over the loss of a loved one, job loss, future uncertainty, or the looming financial crisis in parts of Africa may trigger a wave of anxiety among many young people, and even exacerbate symptoms in people who have anxiety disorders.

Będzin Many think anxiety is not a real issue, but with the way the COVID-19 has altered our lives, it may become more apparent to people how anxiety impacts emotional health in the context of Africa’s young population.

Bemetāra In light of this, Professor Roberta L. Woodgate, Research Chair in Child and Family Engagement in Human Research and Healthcare in Canada, is creating a series of materials including videos and photographs that convey the mental state of young people suffering from anxiety.

With her study, and greater awareness about the mental health implications of the pandemic, experts may take decisive steps to mitigate the silent pandemic this health crisis may lead to.

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