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Are Women who Deliver By C-section Less Likely to Conceive Again?

journalistically Women who deliver their first child by cesarean section are less likely to conceive again compared to women who deliver vaginally, according to a new study.

Sayhāt The team of researchers investigated this by following more than 2,000 women for three years after delivery of their first child. The team interviewed the women before the birth of their first child and every three months until three years. During each interview, the women were asked about the frequency of unprotected sexual intercourse with their partners. What the team found was that compared with 78% of women who delivered vaginally, 69% of women who delivered by C-section conceived after regular, unprotected intercourse. Furthermore, the researchers said that women who delivered vaginally.

Kāliyāganj Although this study did not investigate the causes of the decreased fertility after C-section, the team suggested that it may be a result of scarring of the fallopian tubes – where fertilization occurs – during a C-section.  More studies are needed on this topic.

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