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HPV Vaccines Used in the US may Not Be Effective in Other Countries

buy me a boat lyrics Vaccination programs against Human Papilloma virus (HPV) strains in the United States may not be as effective in protecting other populations of women from the infection, reports some researchers.

order Pregabalin overnight HPV infection is a genital infection. Some HPV strains are the major risk factor for cervical cancer, a devastating cancer among women, particularly in developing countries. While there are vaccines that protect against the virus, new studies are revealing that the vaccine may not cover some strains that can cause problems outside the US.

slightingly The scientists tested 2,645 women in Honduras and found that the types or strains of HPV in the US were quite different from those in Honduras. They also found that the vaccines used in the US  may only protect half of the women affected with HPV in Honduras. Read more here –