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Affluenza May Be the Next Pandemic

The novel coronavirus has infected millions of people across all continents of the globe, killing hundreds of thousands. Governments, health experts, and researchers continually warn us that life may not be the same after the pandemic fizzles out. But one thing that may remain with us, and possibly cause a similar outbreak is “affluenza”.

Affluenza describes the unhealthy psychological effects of affluence felt by wealthy people, including societal malaise such as apathy, social isolation and guilt. Affluenza has been linked to several forms of societal problems such as social injustice, racism, segregation, and economic injustice, which have all been made clearer by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Symptoms of affluenza include a desire for more and more material acquisitions, and the use of such to stratify society. Coronavirus has affected the rich and the lowly, reminding us that it is time to dignify all men.

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