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WHO Lauds African Innovations IN COVID-19 Response

The coronavirus pandemic has created enormous opportunities for scientists, physician entrepreneurs, and tech innovators as the world races on to produce preventive and therapeutic products to beat the virus. In Africa, innovators are also rising to the challenge, as they produce smart solutions to curb the spread of the pandemic.

The WHO has had virtual sessions with many such innovators across Africa to showcase creative solutions created to curb the spread of the disease. Eight innovators from Ghana, South Africa, Guinea, Nigeria, and Kenya presented their innovations, all of which are already being implemented in their home countries.

The innovations ranged from contact tracing apps, mobile testing booths, and low-cost critical care beds to ramp up surveillance and treatment of the disease. These innovations also have the potential of being scaled up to ensure mass use.

The inaugural virtual innovation showcase called on more submissions to the network of WHO African innovators, as the organization seeks to expand and leverage innovative solutions to tackling public health issues.

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