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What you Should Know about Home-made Face Masks

canadian pharmacy no prescription cytotec In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, health authorities around the world have emphasized the need to wear face masks or coverings when in public, and for a good reason – since the infection is spread via respiratory droplets getting into your body through the nose, mouth, and eyes, you may well be protected if you wear face masks. But the hoopla about home-made face masks being inefficient at doing this job has been concerning. But what evidence is out there? First, across all studies concerning face masks, one summary is the same – a home-made face mask is better than no face mask. Simply put, less than perfect protection is better than no protection at all. But not all home-made face masks are created equal.

Forest Grove One of the main purposes of a face mask is to prevent the wearer from spreading infection through their respiratory droplets. This is one of the ways face masks lower the spread of disease. If you are not sick and wear a face mask, one that fits snugly to your face such that much of the air you breathe goes through the mask will protect you better.

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