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Scientists Develop Bionic Technology to Restore Breast Function after Breast Cancer Surgery One of the most common problems women experience after breast removal and reconstruction for cancer (mastectomy) is loss of sensation in the breast. A team of scientists is exploring ways to eliminate this problem and restore breast sensation and function after surgery. With the help of a renowned neuroscientist who helps people with paralyzed limbs feel and move their limbs using bionic solutions, a team of scientists has developed a sensor technology that can replace the nerves removed from the breast during surgery. The team plans to build the sensors with soft materials that look and feel like human tissue, and that are compatible with transplantation into the human body. These materials will be made to communicate with the nerves in the deep tissues of the breast to provide sensation for the skin.

buy neurontin with paypal The team hopes that the procedure would restore breast sensation and function after breast cancer surgery without the need for additional surgeries. If successful this could help a lot of women around the world.

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