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Regular Disinfection of Surfaces May Help in Defense against Coronavirus

Health authorities have continuously reminded us of preventive measures against COVID-19. Prescribed measures include maintaining social distance, use of face masks, proper hand hygiene, and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces. A new study has revealed that continuously disinfecting touched surfaces provides an extra barrier to the spread of the infection.

Hyères When people cough, sneeze or talk, they release droplets from their nostrils or mouths that may reach as far as six feet. These droplets may contain the viruses in infected people; therefore, when these droplets fall on frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs, office desks, chairs, computers, etc., someone else could contract the illness if they touch the surface without washing their hands.

Sikandarābād Since the novel coronavirus can survive several hours to days on surfaces,  repeated disinfection provides optimal protection as the viruses could fall on the same surface multiple times in a day. As communities, businesses, and companies are reopening activities after several weeks of lockdown, the study authors assert that this may be another important measure to curb the spread of the infection, and prevent a resurgence.

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