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International Trial to Test Efficacy of Chloroquine Underway

An international group of doctors and scientists are funding a global research network to evaluate promising treatments for COVID-19. The group, focusing on Chloroquine, is releasing $9 million to test whether the drug can prevent COVID-19 infection and reduce the incidence of the disease among front line healthcare workers.

The international investigators come from countries in Africa, Europe, North America, and South America. The study will recruit front line healthcare workers globally, including those from lower- and middle-income countries. The healthcare workers will be divided into groups of four; three of those groups will receive Chloroquine at different doses and the fourth group will receive placebo. At the end of this trial, investigators hope that they could determine if the drug is safe and effective for use to prevent and treat the infection.

This new trial is important because of its size and its impact globally.

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