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FDA Approves Simplified Ventilator Designed by a Team of Physicists from Around the World

In the fight against COVID-19, one of the most instrumental interventions has been the ventilator, to supply supplemental oxygen to patients with severe lung damage caused by the virus. As a result, governments have invested heavily in procuring ventilators to beat the shortage of the equipment in their respective countries. This necessity has also sparked ingenuity among a team of physicists and engineers from around the world, who have designed a much simpler ventilator than the conventional type to help patients with severe disease recover quickly.

The ventilator, which has now been approved as safe for use by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), was designed based on the Manley ventilator built in the 60s. The ventilator was simple, portable, and inexpensive. It only required compressed oxygen and a source of electricity. The physicists only needed to use modern technology to create the electronic and control systems.

This newly approved ventilator shines a ray of hope for COVID-19 patients battling with this disease amid the shortage of ventilators.

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