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COVID-19 and Mental Health in Children

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered everything, including the way we spend time, the way we take care of ourselves, where we go, and has placed a limit to our activities. Even though these restrictions seem to be saving lives and preventing the spread of the disease, it is also putting us at risk of mental health problems, especially the most vulnerable group among us – the children.

For many children, this may be the first time they are experiencing a disease that has affected people and places in a large scale, and many of them may still not fully understand what is going on. What they do know, however, is that they can no longer visit their playmates and neighbors, and can no longer go to school for now.

These factors can trigger a wave of emotional disturbances in children, including depression, panic, and fear. If unchecked, these challenges may continue with them even onto adulthood resulting in anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, or even major depressive disorder. It is therefore imperative for parents to get in touch with their children from time to time during this period, to help calm their fears and reduce the impact of the pandemic on their mental health

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